Lightning Kisses

It had become routine now for Seiji to accompany Touma on his nightly walks. At first they'd both been teased, but it was no longer a big deal. Every night was a different route, but they always wound up at the Rock: a large boulder, flat on the top, a little inclined, but not much, perfect for laying on and star-gazing. Far from lights, people, trees and any and all other distractions. Seiji loved it. The starlight and Him. There was little else he needed in life.

Drip. Drip. Drip drop.

"Rain," he commented flatly. No stars or moon tonight; the clouds would prevent it. Nothing but darkness. He looked over at Touma, expecting similar disappointment.

The once-warrior's face was lit up, his eyes were closed, and he had stopped walking. With a slight smile, he informed his recently acquired love, "It's going to be a thunderstorm." Touma opened sun-light blue eyes to look at him, the smile instantly flashing to a confused frown. "Huh? What's wrong, Seiji?"

"How can you tell?" he asked, rather than answering the question. He was more interested in why Touma thought nothing was wrong.

"Can't you feel it?" As though he were asking if he had a pulse. He shook his head lamely. "I can. It's like..." He closed his eyes to fetch the description. "Like a part of me I didn't even know was there suddenly woke up. It comes alive and just...Fills me...whenever there's going to be a really big storm...."

His voice bordered on ecstasy, and Seiji found himself wishing he could make Touma sound like that. He knew himself capable of doing so, if he'd only let him have the chance...

A low, distant, deep and long rumble of thunder shook the heavens. Touma grinned.

"Try. Try to feel it, Seiji," he encouraged.

"I don't know how," he admitted weakly. "Show me?"

"I'll....I can try." They reached the Rock. He climbed up and Seiji did the same. They sat facing one another

"Close your eyes, even your breathing. Picture the clouds forming in your mind. See how they roll and tumble together, like baby panthers playing their rough little games. See them grow and continue to play, romping, tugging, nipping. They're all grown up now. One lets out a roar..."

Thunder: closer this time, louder. Seiji felt the thunder, but so could anyone else; it was so close, the pounding seemed to disrupt his heart beat, make it more erratic...or was that because of Touma? He was starting to feel like the clouds themselves, feel the need to release the rain they had stored within themselves until they'd reached the breaking point. He could feel the heat, the electricity between heaven and earth....and he couldn't be sure it was only the storm.

A hand. On his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Touma's. He was worried, but as Seiji's gaze focused, he blinked. He was...confused and at the same time understanding.

"Are...are you alright, Seiji?" as he backed somewhat away, the hand slipping from Seiji's shoulder. The blonde young man growled. When would he ever stop?? Why did he always put the distance between them, rebuild the wall just as it was falling? The swordsman took somewhat rough hold of the bowman's shoulders, pulled him close, ignoring his shocked puzzlement.

"Why do you keep doing that? Why do you pull yourself away from me like that??" He felt something else from his blue-haired, blue-eyed love. Yes, he was surprised and wondering, but there was an undercurrent, strong and flowing. Like barely-controlled electricity lightning.

Touma was fighting for the words now, they were no longer coming on their own. Seiji could see it in his hesitation, in the way his eyes darted from Seiji's own, as though they were barely avoiding a trap. "I...I''s..."

"I want the truth." He took a hand from his arm and firmly, without much force though, turned his face back to his own. Touma's eyes were still elsewhere. "Look At Me." He'd never given him a command before, had never wanted to, but he'd be damned if Touma continued to stay so far from him. Did he want to be cold as the stars, to keep the heat of his true self out of his reach? If so, why? He had returned his feelings in words, why would he not do so in action?

"I...I...don't know..." A harsh, embarassed laugh. "I guess...I'm still...afraid..." Blue eyes, curious as their owner, moved to passion-deep violet and they were both caught. That was all it took, the fear was gone, and he was throwing his arms almost violently around Seiji's neck, was seeking and finding his lips with his own. The storm was coming closer, the wind was picking up, an early sign that said they shouldn't be where they were, and they ignored it.

Touma 's hands wound into Seiji's wind-tangled hair, pushing it out of his face and holding it back as Touma opened his mouth for him. A kiss so deep he thought nothing could escape it, and yet more than infrequent soft groans and whimpers managed to find their way free. He moved closer, stradling one of Seiji's legs, his arms clasping him tightly as though to pull him into his body. At this point, impossible; they were both still clothed.

Seiji felt excited and calm all at once, as though he were in the eye of a hurricane. He was pulling Touma back on top of him, not wanting to smash him against the hard rock with his weight. He came along eagerly, and Seiji could almost taste his pulse. Certainly he could feel it, and he could still feel the storm. It was easier than he had ever thought, and he marvelled at how he could never feel it before. A thunderstorm indeed. This one promised to be big.

He moved down along his love's neck, licking taut veins, and Touma made soft little moans. If his mouth was not so near his ears the wind would've stolen them away completely. Seiji thought the storm a jealous lover; it certainly seemed angry. Seiji only pulled Touma tighter, entangled him in his legs. Another complaint of thunder, enough to be felt to the very bone, the storm was so close.

The blue-haired warrior shuddered occasionally, and Seiji would repeat the action just to feel him do it again, to know that HE was the reason for it. He let his hands, calloused and rough from wielding the sword of Korin, go where they might. He paused, pulled his mouth away to let Touma know that if he ever said, "Stop" he would, instantly, no questions.

Where the heat of his mouth had been, the cold air of the storm rushed in, chilling the archer, raising flesh on his body, and making him need his lover against him again, to warm him, to bring back to life the cold skin. He pulled Seiji's mouth to his own before he said so much as a letter. Seiji tried again and again, but it was futile. He gave it and himself up as lost as the storm, no longer able to contentedly watch, let its full jealous fury loose.


They were much later in returning to the house than normal. No one said much about their soaked hair and their somewhat disarrayed and drenched clothing, nor the silly happy grins on their faces.

"Quite a bad storm out there," Shu commented.

"Did you enjoy it?" Ryo asked. Seiji's eyes snapped over to the source of the comment, but his friend's eyes were innocent and were focused on Touma anyway.

Shin laughed. "Touma does enjoy a good storm. What surprises me is that he managed to keep you out there with him Seiji. I thought you didn't like storms?" There was a slight question in the tone, an almost raised eyebrow.

Seiji grinned softly and said only, "I've changed my mind."

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